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ITAS is issued for foreigners who are :

  1. Entering Indonesian territory with the following purposes:
    1. as investors
    2. as experts
    3. as clergy or clerics
    4. as student or training participants
    5. conducting scientific research
    6. family reunion (with a KITAS holder spouse)
    7. for reunion of children of a foreign national with his/her Indonesian national father and/or mother who have a legal family relationship
    8. for reunion of children under 18 years old and unmarried with his/her father and/or mother who are KITAS holders
    9. as a foreigner who formerly held Indonesian nationality
    10. as a tourist over the age of 55 years (Special condition apply to this category)
  2. Born in Indonesian territory while his/her father and/or mother are KITAS holders.
  3. Working as ship captains, crew or any foreign scientists working on a marine vessel, floating structure or installation operating in Indonesian waters and its jurisdiction according the laws.
  4. Married with an Indonesian spouse
  5. Children of foreigners who are married with Indonesian spouse
  6. Short Term Worker

Foreigners who are intending to work in Indonesia must hold work visa according to the immigration and ministry of manpower law of Indonesia. The validity of this visa is various from 1 to 12 months. For obtaining this visa, the expat must have a sponsor in Indonesia. And the sponsor must be a registered company, institution or foundation in Indonesia.


The general requirements for applying a work visa from foreigners are :

  1. Copy of passport
  2. CV
  3. Copy of education certificate
  4. Copy of insurance policy certificate/card
  5. Photo


The general requirements for applying a work visa from foreigner’ sponsor are :

  1. Copy of company documents
  2. Organization chart


Procedures of obtaining work & stay visa are :
Approval of RPTKA (Foreign Manpower Utilization Planning)

As this visa is made for working purpose, so the sponsor is required to ask the approval of job titles which will be used by the foreigner employed by the sponsor from Ministry of Manpower. And this approval is called as RPTKA.

RPTKA will be valid only for 6 months (for short term) or 1 year (for yearly KITAS). This RPTKA can be renewed if the sponsor still needs the expat’s expertise.


Work Permit (IMTA)

For every company, institution or foundation that is employing foreign worker, must possess this document to let its expat works legally in Indonesia.

For obtaining this permit, the sponsor must pay the compensation of employing foreign worker in Indonesia to Ministry of Manpower. This fund is called as DKPTKA.

The steps of obtaining IMTA are :

  • Applying for IMTA
  • Obtaining an approval of working period
  • Arrangement DKPTKA payment
  • Obtaining the IMTA


VTT / Visa Tinggal Terbatas or Telex (Limited Stay Visa)

Directorate General of Immigration is only issuing an approval letter (VTT) of working visa but the visa sticker must be collected at Indonesian Embassy.

The visa must be collected within 60 days since its issuance date.

If the foreign worker brings his family to join him/her staying in Indonesia then his family’s staying permit procedures will be started from this step.


ITAS / Izin Tinggal Terbatas (Limited Stay Permit) and Exit Re-Entry Permit

After the foreign worker with/without his/her family collecting the visa at Indonesian Embassy, he/she can enter Indonesia and within 30 days of arrival, he/she is required to report his/her arrival and start the KITAS processing.


STM / Surat Tanda Melapor (Report Certificate)

This permit is issued by Resort Police Office/Provincial Police Office nearest to foreigner’s home address.


SKTT / Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal

This permit is issued by Population and Civil Registration Agency.


LKOA / Lapor Keberadaan Orang Asing (Report Certificate)

Lapor Keberadaan Orang Asing is a report of expat existence



Indonesian government (especially Directorate General of Immigration) is very selective giving KITAP to foreigner.  The government has so many points to be considered before granting KITAP to foreigner.

KITAP has validation until 5 years and can be renewed.

ITAP is issued for foreigners who are :

  1. Holding ITAS as Indonesian’s spouse, clergy or clerics, experts, investors and elderly
  2. Formerly held dual citizenship
  3. Born in Indonesia from KITAP-holder-foreigner
  4. Ex-Indonesian citizen that has lost of his/her Indonesian citizenship in Indonesian territory

The requirements will be depend on the purpose of KITAP application and foreigner’s permit previously.

Multiple Visit Visa is issued in Indonesian Embassy or Consulates by approval from Directorate General of Immigration Jakarta.

Multiple Visit Visa validity is one year, a holder of multiple visit visa is given up-to 60 days stay each visit and can’t be extended.

This kind of visa is applied for those who are planning to visit Indonesia several times in a year with the purpose of business/commercial activities, tourism, social/family visit, official government activities.

General requirements for getting approval of this visa are :

  1. Documents of guarantor/sponsor
  2. Passport
  3. Ticket

Foreigner can apply visit visa in Indonesian Embassy or Consulates by coming to the embassy by himself, or the guarantor/sponsor could apply to the Directorate General of Immigration in Jakarta, Indonesia.

A holder of Visit Visa is given up-to 60 days stay at first and can be extended in local Immigration Office in Indonesia until maximum 4 (four) times, each extension will be given another 30 days stay.

This kind of visa is applied for single entry only with the purpose of business/commercial activities, tourism, social/family visit, official government activities.

The general requirements are :

  1. Documents of guarantor/sponsor
  2. Passport of foreigner
  3. Ticket

This kind of visa can be obtained upon arrival in Indonesia at designated airports, seaports, and some immigration checkpoints.

A holder of this visa is given up-to 30 days stay and can be extended in local Immigration Office in Indonesia for another 30 days stay.

General requirements for renewal :

  1. Passport
  2. Ticket

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